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1. Can I just enroll only in one subject?

Yes, you can enroll in one subject, as we are here to provide the resources as per your need only. and customization according to student/parent need is what we are here for.

 2. Can I change the teacher in between of the course of a year?

Yes, after the enrollment if in between the course of a year, parent/teacher wants to switch to a different teacher enrolled with us than they can raise a request for the same. a teacher will be assigned to the child within a week time at max. this service can be entertained twice a year at max.

3. What curriculum is covered by Study Foster?

The curriculum followed by us :
– CBSE Board
– ICSE Board
– IB Board

4. How your study pattern is different from what is taught in school?

We, at Study Foster, make sure that instead of just scoring marks, the child should have the conceptual knowledge and move further in his future with the orientation of competitions.

5. What is the refund policy?

Refund policy means if the parent/student are not satisfied with the services provided by us, then they are entitled to apply for the 100% refund within the 7 days of enrollment/registration, via email only.

6. How can I register my child with Study Foster?

You just need to fill up the registration form provided on our site. or you can provide your interest and requirement via phone/text. we’ll provide you with the counseling session at your home. on the basis of analysis of counseling session, your ward will be offered with the course as per his requirement and goals.

7. What kind of Education Study Foster offer?

We offer customized home tuition as per the requirement of the parent/student. where you can choose the teacher as well as the subject of your choice/need.

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